Failing with Style- Buzz Lightyear Philosophy

I think one of the more important lessons to learn in life is how to fail. If you are too afraid of failure, you are going to be too afraid of moving forward and getting anywhere. Once you learn how to properly fail, you will be living a life with significantly less fear; once you learn how to fail, you realize that it is really not that bad of a thing. Failing can be easy, and even stylish, with the right attitude.

So, lets look at Buzz Lightyear from the classic Toy  Story for an example:

Buzz Lightyear recently discovers that he can't actually fly, what a huge bummer for him! However, after mustering up some confidence, he is still able to save the day. Do you remember the scene? Despite not being able to "actually fly," Buzz Lightyear saves Woody as they soar across the room, and Woody yells out, "This isn't flying, this is falling with style!"

So, by conquering our fears and mustering up some Buzz Lightyear courage and confidence, we can learn to fail with style, which, honestly, doesn't really even feel like failing in the first place.

Open up your world, fail with style, and spread your wings-

To infinity, and beyond!